Saturday, 24 March 2012

Environment project ideas and progress

So i’ve been thinking about this project pretty solidly for the past couple of days. I have complete free reign but i found myself thinking about boring samey ideas. Even caught myself thinking about a war game at one point, the travesty! I know mike wants something a bit different especially when he asked for 2d top down stuff. I really want to do do some concept art for a 3d modern current gen game so i’ve decided to go a bit different for modern day games.

My idea is to do and open world sandbox game in a sort of quentin tarantino style. I’ve taken my inspirations from WET, Shank, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and Batman Arkham City.

A small moodboard i made to help me bring my ideas together. From this you can see a similar type of sepia style. This type of “Tarantino” style, with a sepia overlay, lots of gore and awesome music is exactly what i’m going for.

Batman Arkham City is the way i want to structure the gameplay. Relative open world with a main story that arks off into side missions, exploring another key gameplay element. The world opens bigger and bigger the more of the main story you have done because of items you collect on the main story that allow to reach those other areas. I really enjoyed how it was done in Arkham City, because even though at the start i had a small amount of areas to go to i never felt pushed to the main story. One of the best gameplay mechanics of Batman was how you always felt like you were a superhero, no matter the numbers of enemies you felt like you could beat them (even when you were on your last bit of health), i want the player to play the character in the way the character himself is, cocky, rash but unbelievably good at what he does (kill people) because his ultimate goal is more important than his own life.

I’m not quite sure about the setting of my game or even what the characters will look like but it will all come together as i create a story and possible game mechanics.

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