Tuesday, 4 December 2012

reflection on year 1, looking onward to year 2

Summer is over and its back to work. Weirdly enough i'm actually pretty pleased to be back in leicester and in my new house. My summer was pretty boring as everyone is growing old and unwilling to do anything fun or creative, so i spent most of my summer watching videos about digi painting or playing games. I'm pretty disappointed with the amount of work i did during the summer, although i feel that the amount of information i collected regarding digi painting and character art was good.

I think first year, generally, was a success. I was able to hit most of the VD work just fine, struggling at the start with perspective but finally getting a grip of it toward the end. 3D I feel went "ok" but i never gave myself the full time to do the project so the end product was always under par. Critical studies i think i did really badly with. Im not the best writer in the world and always find it difficult to make blogs so i did just the very least. I plan to make more of an effort to do more personal blogs as well as the mandatory ones.

some first year work.

In terms of this year i'm pretty sure where i want to be by the end of it. I hope to specilise in character art and to have built a foundational portfolio that i can build upon in the 3rd year. I'm going to have to work hard this year and ask some in-industry professionals for help and advice. I know a few things i need to improve upon but i would be nice to have some professional insight. To get there i need to learn to master a few elements.

             These elements are-
  • Need to greatly improve on my 3D work, both texturing and modeling.
  • Learn to make highpoly assets and to bake them to lowpoly assets to assist in making really detailed normal maps.
  • Vastly improve on my digi painting and learn more about lighting and colour theory.
  • Increase my "visual library" by watching more movies, books, photography and researching more artists.
 I'm writing this a couple weeks late, because i'm a useless waste of space, but i wrote it from how i felt at the start of the year. The good thing about this though is that i can show you some work i've done in the first couple of weeks.

A few pictures of the first week projects. (sorry for the picture layout. can't seem to get it to change)

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