Sunday, 8 January 2012

I PLAY GHAMEZ, a brief history.

The first games i ever player were Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Kart and a slew of other games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System commonly know as the SNES. My brother and I would take turns in trying to complete levels on Super Mario Bros, i don’t think we ever got further than world 4.

My first ever dedicated game was Pokemon Red. I chose Charmander and left dr. Oak to embark on a quest of serious leveling and being really pissed of with caves. I can remember playing it for hours and hours on end, before school every morning i would get a good half an hour in and would just keep playing until my purple Gameboy Colour was forcibly removed from my possession.

After completing Pokemon Red, Yellow and Gold and feeling like some almighty god of all things pokemon, I was lucky enough to win a Playstation in a raffle at school unfortunately i never really played it much. Although i do remember playing Tomb Raider and MediEvil. Both games i had no idea what i was doing half the time but it was fun nonetheless.

The Playstation 2 is the console that made me the man i am today. It was the first console i played non stop. My pile of PS2 games at home is quite ridiculous but that was the nature of the Playstation 2 it had a huge amount of games spanning every genre and sub-genre of games possible. It was also the birthplace of massive game series like God of War and Killzone. My fondest memories with the Playstation 2 was when i got my hands on Hitman: Blood Money. Never before and never since have i played a game i love so much. You, the player, plays as agent 47 the worlds best assassin as you embark on the challenging task of killing targets .The game gives you a huge range of options per mission. The guns blazing option is a big no-no on the higher diffiulties, or even the later stages on the easiest difficulty - you have to consider every move carefully, who may stumble across the mess you make, will it benefit you to murder that person, can you just sneak by, dressed as a guard. This freedom to play the game how i wanted is really what i look for in games and was delivered perfectly in this.